Announcing Applitools Eyes 10.13: Enhanced Team Collaboration, Baseline across Browser/OS Versions and More

Product — Published November 1, 2021

We are excited to announce the latest release of Applitools Eyes, 10.13. A big focus of this release is helping teams work efficiently, collaborate, and receive notifications on visual changes via the communication systems they are using everyday.

Along with the new and expanded integration options, we’ve added some additional improvements that we hope you’ll find useful!

Using Microsoft Teams to collaborate with your colleagues? You can now get Eyes test results directly to your Microsoft Teams chat

In addition to sharing test results on both Slack and via email, the new Applitools Eyes-Microsoft Teams integration provides you with the option to receive and view your test results via your Microsoft Teams chat. The Applitools Eyes App sends notifications to your Microsoft Teams chat to inform you when batches have finished running and to share a results summary with you. Learn more.

The Teams integration for Applitools Eyes, showing the toggle for on/off and notification options.

Enhanced baseline creation for new browsers and OS versions 

New browser or OS versions often introduce visual differences, therefore it is important to test across multiple versions to ensure visual perfection across all screens. Applitools Eyes now supports efficient and simple testing of your application on new browsers and OS versions. To save you time and effort, Eyes identifies the most relevant baseline to reuse whenever you test on a new version. It also allows you to easily filter and group baselines according to the browser or OS version you would like to explore. This capability is enabled by default for new accounts, for existing users please contact support to turn on this new & important capability for your accounts. Learn more.

And there is more…

  • Receive more focused test results notifications via Slack integration – Slack notifications can now be sent according to selected batch properties.
  • Ensure perfect UI with each commit with GitHub integration – update the test status on all commits.
  • Enhanced Rally integration – in addition to opening issues from within the Eyes dashboard, now automatically trigger an update in Rally when closing issues in Eyes.
  • Benefit from UX improvements for marking multiple regions – keep the draw mode active when adding multiple regions of the same type.

Explore this new release to find out more! Existing customers can upgrade today for free, or if you’re new to Applitools feel free to explore the latest features with a free trial below.

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