Transforming Software Development through a Modern Feedback Loop

Product — Published May 10, 2021

Applitools finds functional & visual bugs for the world’s largest organizations; Rally® is leveraged by the largest enterprises to manage their agile development at scale, including quality management and the tracking of bugs. We collaborated to design a new integration to make this process faster and provide developers with the in-depth details they need to reproduce and triage bugs faster than ever before. 

Rally & Applitools

Rally Software is an enterprise-class platform that is purpose built for scaling agile development practices. Rally serves as a central hub for teams to collaboratively plan, prioritize and track work, from strategy all the way down to stories and bugs through the entire SDLC.

Applitools is building the next generation of test automation platform for cross browser and device testing powered by AI assisted computer vision technology known as Visual AI. Visual AI helps Developers, Test Automation Engineers and QA professionals release high-quality web and mobile apps enabling CI/CD.

Better Together – A Transformative Workflow

Applitools & Rally share enterprise customers. Like all modern businesses, our shared customers are looking for ways to gain an edge over their competition – and oftentimes that edge is gained by improved workflows and automation that saves time and allows teams to release better quality software faster. It’s a never ending battle to improve time-to-market, and for our shared customers, we have just added an integration that can do just this.

The integration allows users to log a bug in Rally without ever leaving the Applitools Eyes user interface and workflow. This means no context shifting, no copy / paste, no additional logins or lost browser tabs. It’s designed for both workflow efficiency and to ensure that every detail gets logged so developers can have everything they need to triage the bug and move on. It’s not only developers and testers who benefit from this integration, now any stakeholder in the entire appdev process from product managers to UX designers can automatically pinpoint the exact cause of issues using the Applitools Root Cause Analysis capabilities, send the results instantly to Rally and have everything needed to reproduce and fix defects on the spot.  

Setting up the Rally Integration

Your Eyes admin can setup the Rally integration via the Admin screen →  Integrations tab. The process takes less than a minute. First you’ll enter their Rally server & API key – then a run through a quick authentication process requiring a Client ID & Client Secret.

Once authenticated, all Rally projects will be available to choose from, so simply choose the first project you will link to Applitools along with the default work item type for issues created from within Eyes (most likely it will be ‘defects’). You can optionally add one or more defined fields by simply choosing the field name and and the default value – repeat as needed. For detailed setup instructions, please visit our Rally integration documentation.

Automating the Defect Feedback Loop

The beauty of this integration is in its simplicity. When a bug is found by Applitools, Users can gather all relevant information including screenshot and full steps to reproduce with a single region-drag and click using the bug region feature. The detailed information is instantly sent to Rally for teams to immediately begin triage.

Applitools Integration Ecosystem

The Rally integration is a continuation of our commitment to extending the Applitools integration ecosystem and fitting seamlessly into customers’ existing workflows and tools. Applitools customers now benefit from seamless integrations with over 60 SDKs for you to choose from. This includes:

  • Testing frameworks and languages such as Selenium, Cypress, Appium, and more
  • Source control solutions like GitHub, GitLab and BitBucket
  • CI\CD platforms like Jenkins, TeamCity and Travis
  • Collaboration tools like Slack
  • Agile planning and defect tracking tools like Jira

Now, with the Eyes 10.11 release, we’re excited to also include Rally on this list.

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