Australian Test and Tech Automation Conference (ATTAC) 2019 – See You There!

Events — Published May 22, 2019

ATTAC-logoAt the end of this week, we’ll be joining test automation experts at the conference with the coolest acronym ever: ATTAC, which stands for Australian Test and Tech Automation Conference 2019.

What is Australian Test and Tech Automation Conference (ATTAC)? ATTAC (@AussieTesters, #ATTAC19) is an annual conference hosted by Test Engineering Alliance Melbourne, that brings together leaders in the test automation community to discuss the latest in software testing technology and trends.

Those who attend ATTAC 2019 will discover the latest best practices in assisted testing and test automation tooling. Attendees will also have access to hands-on demonstrations and will have the opportunity to experience a tailored and in-depth walkthrough of the testing technology most pertinent to their organizations and roles.

Attendees will also have a chance to glimpse into what the future of testing might hold and explore various assisted testing and test automation tools. A great way to plan ahead and be prepared for what the future holds in the testing world!

ATTAC 2019 takes place May 24 at Engineers Australia.

<em>Etienne Sillon -- Sr. Engineer @ Applitools </em>
Etienne Sillon — Sr. Engineer @ Applitools

We are proud to be a sponsor of this fantastic event, and even more excited to have Etienne Sillon, Sr. Engineer @ Applitools, taking the stage as well. He will share “AI and the Agile Testing Reverse Singularity” at 11:00 a.m. AEST.

In this presentation, Etienne will share his insights about AI in test automation and discuss the areas where AI can help the agile testing community. Etienne will be speaking about how at some stage society will reach a point where we have come as close to this goal as possible without being able to surpass it, known as “The Reverse Singularity” of software delivery.

While at ATTAC, be sure to visit our booth at the expo hall. We’re looking forward to sharing the latest developments around end-to-end visual testing and monitoring techniques that support QA automation and continuous quality.

One of the latest additions to the product toolkit is Applitools Ultrafast Grid, which helps QA teams create the fastest, easiest path to test automation success. By adding the Ultrafast Grid, Applitools Eyes now includes every component the enterprise needs to quickly succeed in its test automation and CI-CD efforts. Our core test management, auto maintenance, and dashboard functionality now allow anyone on the QA team to author, fix, analyze results and maintain tests easily.

And, if you want to learn more from other QA and software testing experts after ATTAC, connect with the world-class instructors over at Test Automation University for a free, community-driven collection of educational training courses.

If you don’t get a chance to connect with us at ATTAC 2019, reach out or sign up for a free Applitools account.


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