9 Reasons to Attend the 2023 Test Automation University Conference

Events — Published February 14, 2023

That’s right, Test Automation University (TAU) is holding a conference! It’ll be a two-day virtual event from March 8–9, 2023 hosted by Applitools. We will sharpen our software quality skills as we go all-in for the testing community. This article gives you nine reasons why you should attend this awesome event.

#1: Find out what’s new with TAU

TAU is alive and kicking, and we’ve got some incredible new developments in the works. In my opening keynote address, I’ll dish out all the details for upcoming courses, community engagements, and learning paths. There might even be a few surprises!

#2: Sharpen your skills with tutorials

Our first day will be stacked with six two-and-a-half-hour tutorials so you can really hone your automation skills. Want to stack up Cypress and Playwright? Filip Hric and I have you covered. Need to drop down to the API layer? Julia Pottinger’s got the session for you. Unit testing? Tariq King will help you think inside the box. Wanna crank it up with load and performance testing? Leandro will show you how to use k6. How about some modern Selenium with visual testing? Anand Bagmar’s our man. It’s the perfect time to sharpen your skills.

#3: Hear inspiring talks from our instructors

There’s no doubt that our TAU instructors are among the best in software testing. We invited many of them to share their knowledge and their wisdom on our second day. Our program is designed to inspire you to step up in your careers.

#4: Test your testing skills

Want to challenge your testing skills together with your other TAU classmates? Well, Carlos Kidman will be offering a live “testing test,” where everyone gets to submit answers in real time. The student with the highest score will win a pretty cool prize, so be sure to study up!

#5: Algorave at the halftime show

Have you ever listened to algorithmically-generated music that is coded live in front of you? It’s an experience! Dan Gorelick will kick out the algorave jams during our halftime show. (Glow sticks not included.)

#6: Cram even more content with lightning talks

Lightning talks bring bite-sized ideas to the front stage in rapid succession. They’re a welcome change of pace from full-length talks. We’ll have a full set of lightning talks from a few of our instructors along with a joint Q&A where you can ask them anything!

#7: Compete in extracurricular games

Every university needs some good extracurricular activities, right? We’ll have a mid-day game where you, as members of the audience, will get to participate! We’re keeping details under wraps for now so that nobody gets an unfair advantage.

#8: Win awards like a homecoming champion

What would a celebration be without superlative awards? We will recognize some of our best instructors and students in our closing ceremony. You might also win some prizes based on your participation in the conference!

#9: Get your conference tickets for FREE!

Applitools is hosting the 2023 TAU Conference as a free community event for everyone to attend. Just like our TAU courses, you don’t need to pay a dime to participate. You don’t even need to be a TAU student! Come join us for the biggest block party in the testing community this year. Register here to reserve your spot.

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