In this corner, we have long-time reigning champ: Selenium WebDriver

And in this corner, we have the newcomer: Playwright

Which of these will take the belt???

If you’re doing any automated testing, surely you’ve heard of Selenium WebDriver, the most popular web automation framework in the market. Well, Microsoft has open-sourced a new automation framework, Playwright, that quite possibly is the most extensive automation framework we’ve seen since WebDriver – boasting multi-language, cross-browser support.

Typical comparisons of automation frameworks feel very academic, highlighting the difference in feature sets.

This webinar takes another approach…a battle of the code! Angie Jones represents Selenium WebDriver, while Andy Knight will represent Playwright.

Round for round, Angie and Andy take coding tasks and implement them in Selenium as well as Playwright, then analyze how each of the frameworks performs to solve real-world testing challenges!

The audience weighs in to judge each round. Listen in and judge for yourself what the code has to say.

Selenium vs Playwright: Let the Code Speak

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Expert Speakers

Angie Jones
Angie Jones

Angie Jones specializes in test automation strategies and techniques. A pillar of the global test automation community, Angie is a world-renowned speaker and thought leader, and you can often find her presenting and teaching at international software conferences. She was the driving force and originator of Test Automation University—a free, online educational platform providing test automaton courses by leading instructors.

Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

Andrew “Pandy” Knight is the Automation Panda and a software quality champion who loves to help people build better-quality software. A Playwright Ambassador and and Applitools Ambassador, he has also created a number of Test Automation University courses.

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