Hiring and Firing Testers: What Managers Look For

Events — Published March 20, 2018

Find your hire power: in this webinar, industry executive Mike Lyles evaluates extracurricular activities and practices that will enable you to grow from a good tester to a great tester and dives into what managers look for when hiring and firing testers. 

While the art and craft of testing and being a thinking tester is something that is built within you, simply going to work every day and being a tester is not always enough.

Each of us can become “gold medal testers” by practicing, studying, refining our skills, and building our craft.

Listen to this webinar, and enjoy these key takeaways:

  • Inputs from testing experts on how they improve their skills
  • Online training and materials, which should be studied
  • How to leverage social media to interact with the testing community
  • Contributions you can make to the testing community to build your name as a leading test engineer

BONUS: Mike prepared a blog post where he answered several questions asked during the webinar; you can read it here.

Mike’s slide-deck can be found here – and you can watch the full recording below:


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