Automated Exploratory Testing: Automation of Native Mobile Applications

Events — Published June 1, 2018
Justin Ison - Sr. Software Engineer
Justin Ison – Sr. Software Engineer

Watch this webinar, presented by Sr. Software Engineer Justin Ison, to find out about the crucial information automated exploratory tests give us on our native mobile app, and learn Justin’s proven step-by-step “How-to and Best Practices” Guide to automated exploratory testing.

In today’s mobile Agile world, test automation engineers experience several opposing shifts:

  • Time to market is becoming increasingly shorter
  • Constant desire to release new features to keep ahead of the competition
  • Any mobile app is expected to support thousands of different combinations of OS’s, languages, orientations, and screen resolutions

These contradicting trends mean less time to properly conduct manual exploratory testing, which means less-than-adequate test coverage, which in turn could result in severe bugs finding their way to production.

Justin Ison feels your pain!

Listen to his talk, where he presented how automated exploratory testing can help resolve those above-mentioned issues, including:

  • Understand which views have accessibility labels, and which do not
  • Quickly see how user interface (UI) and app design render/appear on any screen resolution, OS, and orientation
  • Monitor log errors – and how to record them
  • Instantly detect language or locale issues – and how to resolve them
  • Understanding performance issues: capturing performance metrics for benchmarking and detecting trends
Justin’s slide deck:

Full webinar recording:


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