Visual Testing: The Missing Piece of the Puzzle – with Gil Tayar

Events — Published September 25, 2019

“In this talk, I give a comprehensive overview of visual testing, discuss why pixel comparison is not enough, detail some of the challenges of visual testing, and review how current visual testing tools offer a solution to these challenges”

— Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist, Applitools

Unit tests, component tests, automation tests, acceptance tests: all the various kinds of tests check that an application works as it should, and functions as expected.

But until now, testing how an app looks like was delegated to manual testing. When all you had was a desktop or web app, that was almost acceptable: there was a lot of application to check, but only one form factor.

But in these days of multiple form factors — desktops of various widths, mobile, tablet, … — automation is a necessity. But how does one go about checking how an app looks? Comparing pixels against a baseline yields too many false positives, and any small change in your app will drown you in failed tests that you need to fix manually.

Visual Testing offers a solution to the problem. Using online services and algorithms taken from the world of AI, Visual Testing offers a platform that enables you to finally ensure that your application looks like you expect it to.

Key takeaway:

  • Why functional testing is not enough
  • Challenges of testing apps in a multiple-form-factor world
  • How current visual testing tools overcome the challenges
  • The place of Visual Testing in your tests
  • How to write visual tests

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