Test Your Metal: Drawing Parallels Between Testing Concepts and Heavy Metal Music

Events — Published March 17, 2019
Paul Grizzaffi
Paul Grizzaffi

Unleash your inner rock-star tester, and listen to this hard-rockin’ session with expert Paul Grizzaffi, covering the most important testing concepts and test automation best practices.

Paul Grizzaffi is not only a senior software engineer, test automation expert, and well-known industry thought leader — he is also a self-proclaimed metal-head and rock-a-holic, is one of those people who is greatly affected by music.

Listen to this session, where Paul gave us a VIP ticket to his world tour, covering iconic heavy metal songs that frame memorable messages about testing and automation — worth remembering.

Among the featured testing concepts Paul covered: we make our own expectations, automation is programming – not magic, and important business aspects related to automation and testing that cannot be ignored.

At the end of the session, Paul took questions from our live audience, covering issues such as “is my job safe, or should I be very worried?“, “how do I make my value noticed in my team and my organization?“, and “what skills do you look for when hiring testers?” – just to name a few.

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