Test Automation as a Key Enabler for High-performing Teams – with Angie Jones and Google’s Nicole Forsgren [webinar]

Events — Published November 18, 2019

Angie Jones, a test automation architect, consults with development teams around the world to help them with their test automation and DevOps strategy.

Nicole Forsgren, who does research and strategy at Google Cloud, is best known as the lead investigator on the State of DevOps reports and lead author of the book Accelerate.

In this on-demand webinar, Angie and Nicole examine the research of DORA’s Accelerate State of DevOps Reports, and what testing practices drive high performance. They’ll also discuss the messy reality of test automation in DevOps and what Angie is seeing in the trenches.

For those unfamiliar with the research, the Report identifies specific capabilities to improve software delivery and focuses on the practices of high-performing teams.

But as we all know, identifying capabilities and executing on those capabilities are two different things.
The reality is that many teams are struggling to take these steps towards transformation.

Angie and Nicole will discuss concrete steps teams can take to make high performance with test automation a reality.

In this session, Angie and Nicole discuss:

  • What practices development teams are currently following
  • The debunking of common myths and misconceptions around test automation in DevOps
  • How development teams can adopt the guidelines found in the research, while facing the reality of their current constraints

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