Developer versus QA Productivity

With today’s standards, developers can develop once, test in development, and assume they are done. Legacy QA productivity remains limited because QA must still run tests one device, operating system, browser, and viewport size at a time. All the tools that provide test scaling still require validation one-at-a-time, either because tools ignore rendering or flag too many erroneous visual differences. Until Applitools introduced Visual AI testing with Ultrafast Grid.

Getting Started — November 20, 2019

A/B Testing: Validating Multiple Variations

Many teams don’t automate tests to validate multiple variations because it’s “throw away” code. You’re not entirely sure which variation you’ll get each time the test runs. If you did write test automation, you may need a bunch of conditional logic in your test code to handle both variations. What if instead of writing and maintaining all of this code, you used visual testing instead? Would that make things easier?

Product — November 13, 2019

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