Storybook Play Functions Now Supported in Applitools

Product — Published June 7, 2022
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We’re excited to announce that the Applitools Storybook SDK now supports Play Functions, giving modern frontend teams even more power when it comes to testing their component systems before production. Play Functions enable rich functionality in your Storybook designs, enabling you to interact with components and test scenarios that otherwise required user intervention. This means interacting and testing interactions such as form fills or date pickers is now possible! This capability was made available in Storybook version 6.4 and now is available in Applitools Storybook SDK version 3.28

Applitools Storybook SDK can now consume these interactions and apply Visual AI to help your team spot any visual regression or defect in a component. For stories that have the play function, Applitools will automatically take a screenshot after the play function is finished.

To learn more you can read our Storybook readme on NPM or the official Storybook Play Article.

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