Selenium IDE: The Next Generation – presented by Simon Stewart

Events — Published November 16, 2018
Simon Stewart - Selenium Project Lead and Creator of WebDriver
Simon Stewart – Selenium Project Lead and Creator of WebDriver

Selenium IDE got a new long overdue overhaul, and Simon Stewart, Selenium Project Lead and Creator of WebDriver, unveiled the new Selenium IDE in a special live session, including capabilities, features, and roadmap — now available on-demand.  

The Selenium Project is composed of several different pieces.

For power users, Selenium Grid allows people to scale their tests horizontally, for developers, there are bindings available in almost every known programming language.

But what about the case where you’re not an experienced developer? Or when you want to bootstrap a new test suite? Or file a bug against a site and provide a reproducible test case? This is where Selenium IDE fits in perfectly.

In this webinar, Simon explored the new Selenium IDE, looking at where it fits into the Selenium ecosystem, how to install it, and how to use it. He will also look at planned features that are coming your way, and the roadmap from the current alphas to a release.

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Advanced Materials & Additional Reading:

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