Selenium 4 Release Candidate is Here!

Advanced Topics, Getting Started — Published September 24, 2021

Update 10/14: Selenium 4 has been officially released! Check out our post covering everything new in the latest release right here.

A release candidate for Selenium 4 is finally here! That means we’re getting really close to the official version ?. This is a really great time to familiarize yourself with the latest Selenium features that are coming in the new release.

I’ve compiled a list of resources to help you do so. Check it out below ?.

What’s New in Selenium 4

For a quick summary of the latest Selenium 4 updates, Manoj Kumar & Anand Bagmar have you covered! Check out What’s New in Selenium 4.

Test Driving Selenium 4 with Angie Jones

If you’d like to see Selenium 4 features in action, I made this video demonstrating real examples. Check out this video of Selenium 4 features.

Selenium 4 FAQs

There were lots of questions from the audience when I recorded that video ?. Check out this followup blog post to read the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Selenium 4 features.

How to Install Selenium 4

OK, now that you know what’s new, are you ready to try it out for yourself? Great! Shama Ugale covers how to install Selenium 4 in this tutorial.

Migrating to Selenium 4: Here’s What Has Changed

Or if you just need to migrate from an Selenium 3 to version 4, Shama Ugale details the notable changes and deprecations you should be aware of. Check it out to see how to migrate to Selenium 4 safely.

Selenium 4 Relative Locators

Good, you’re up and running! One of the interesting new features of Selenium 4 that I really want you to try is Relative Locators. Selenium 4 Relative Locators seem pretty straightforward but I’ve covered some things to be aware of, and also how this is working under the covers.

Selenium 4: Chrome DevTools Protocol [What’s New]

And the biggest draw for Selenium 4 is arguably its programmatic access to the Chrome Devtools Protocol (CDP)! This is some super power stuff. Shama Ugale outlines some of the cool things you can now do right from within your tests using Selenium 4 and Chrome DevTools Protocol.

Selenium 4: Mocking Geolocation

I also have a livestream video where I used Selenium 4’s CDP API to mock a location in the browser! Pretty handy if you need to do any location-based testing.

Selenium Chrome DevTools Protocol (CDP) API: How Does It Work?

And then if you’re fascinated with all of this and want to really geek out, I talk about the architecture of the Selenium Chrome DevTools Protocol API, how it all works, and which method calls to use when (executeCdpCommand vs send).

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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