Resources to Help You Stay on Top of Testing Trends and Techniques

Getting Started — Published April 28, 2023

We’ve partnered with SelectorsHub to bring more automated visual testing tips to your daily testing feed. In this article, we’ll talk about some tools to help you test efficiently and stay on top of testing trends and techniques.

TestingDaily is a web extension that serves as a hub for software testers and quality assurance professionals. It provides a wide range of resources, including news, articles, interviews, and tools related to software testing and QA.

TestingDaily aims to provide a comprehensive platform for testers to learn, connect, and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field. TestingDaily also features a job board where testers can search for new career opportunities in the industry. Overall, it’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their testing skills and stay informed about the latest developments in software testing.

Test Automation University (TAU) offers community-curated test automation resources and free courses to improve the skills of testers everywhere. Powered by Applitools, TAU is an online learning platform that offers dozens of courses on testing, automation, and programming from some of the world’s best instructors. Whether you take a single course, follow one of the pre-defined learning paths, or build your own curriculum, you will grow your skills and boost your career.

Not sure where to start? Here are 7 Awesome Test Automation University Courses Not To Miss.

SelectorsHub offers a web scraping tool that helps users generate accurate and efficient CSS, XPath, and regex selectors for web elements. It is an open-source, browser extension that can be used with Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

With SelectorsHub, users can quickly create selectors without needing to inspect the source code, allowing them to speed up their web scraping process. The tool also provides features such as selector validation, highlighting, and grouping to make the selector creation process more convenient and efficient. SelectorsHub can be particularly helpful for those who work with web data extraction, web automation, or web testing.

Learn how the SelectorsHub tool can increase efficiency without compromising learning skills in this on-demand session with creator Sanjay Kumar.

Finally, Applitools Automation Cookbook offers free bite-sized video tutorials on common test automation tasks in Cypress, Playwright, and Selenium. Created by automation experts Angie Jones and Colby Fayock, each of the more than 25 “recipes” include video demonstrations, sample code, and transcripts. You can learn how to execute tests in headless mode, work with iFrames, sort and verify tables, and much more.

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