Applitools Releases Open-Source Jenkins Plugin for Automated Visual Testing

Product — Published September 14, 2016

Improving speed and ease of use, the new Applitools Eyes open-source plugin allows to perform visual test analysis and maintenance directly from the Jenkins Build Report. 

Listen to Adam Carmi – Applitools co-founder & CTO – present how to implement and use the new open-source Jenkins plugin:

JENKINS WORLD – Santa Clara, CA – September 14, 2016 – Applitools announced today the release of its new open-source Jenkins plugin for automated visual testing at Jenkins World, the annual gathering of DevOps practitioners using open source Jenkins. The conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Center is the largest gathering of Jenkins users in the world and is a multi-day event comprised of sessions, workshops, training and other learning opportunities.

The new Jenkins plugin adds the visual tests results from Applitools Eyes directly in the Jenkins Build Report. Integrating Applitools Eyes results into the Jenkins Build report allows users to see a high-level view of the detected visual differences as part of the Jenkins job, drill down and inspect specific differences up-close, and maintain test baselines directly from the Jenkins Build Report.

“We’ve had many requests from customers to enhance the integration of Applitools Eyes with Jenkins and similar CI systems. This new open-source plugin allows our customers to perform all the test analysis and maintenance activities directly from Jenkins, helping them further speed up release processes, in addition to automating visual testing”, said Adam Carmi, Applitools Co-founder & CTO.

“Jenkins World is the perfect place for Applitools to announce their new Jenkins plugin for automated visual testing, which pushes the envelope of automation and moves us one step closer to fully-automated CI processes and faster release cycles,” said Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CTO of CloudBees and founder of the Jenkins project.

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