Modern Functional Test Automation Through Visual AI [webinar]

Events — Published October 15, 2019

I am confident that once you give this functional test automation approach a try, you will rethink your entire current code-based approach” — Raja Rao, Head of Test Automation University

In this webinar, you’ll see the modern way or the intelligent way of doing web and mobile testing. Specifically, functional, end-to-end UI testing.

The analogy is a gasoline car versus an electric car: both are cars, both need tires, seats, breaks, etc… but the core engine that moves the car is different — which makes a huge difference.

The main idea here is that, once the functionality in an app happens (for example: logging into an app), you simply take a screenshot of the resulting page or resulting state of the app, and take screenshots every time you run the test and compare them with the original screenshot using Visual AI (instead of pixel-by-pixel comparison, or DOM-diffing). If there is a difference, then the AI will highlight only meaningful differences and ignores differences that we humans ignore.

You’ll see that by using this approach where you delegate a lot of work the Visual AI, you’ll see exponential benefits, such as up to 5X increase in the number of bugs found, up to 10X less code and so on.

In this webinar, Raja Rao compares several typical functional testing use cases to show how it actually works.

Talking points:

  • What is modern functional testing
  • What is “Visual AI” — and why you need it
  • Deeply analyze legacy code based functional test and compare it with the modern approach (number of lines, locators, labels, etc…)
  • Compare legacy versus modern code by going over some use cases and approaches, such as Data-driven testing, Sorting an HTML table, Testing a dynamic bar chart, Testing iFrames, Testing dynamic pages, etc…

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