High-Performance Testing: Acing Automation in Hyper-Growth Environments – webinar w/ Priyanka Halder

Events — Published January 21, 2020

“I invite managers, team leads and team members to listen in to this session, where I share my bulletproof method to high-performance testing in a high-paced, hyper-growth organizational environment.”
— Priyanka Halder, Head of Quality Engineering @ GoodRx

The hi-tech world is fast-paced, demanding, and challenging. If companies — and especially startups — want to gain a leg up on their competitors and flourish, they must move fast and ship even faster, while constantly dealing with tight budgets and ROI issues.

As a QA/Software leader, how do you not only survive — but thrive — in this difficult environment? How do you catch up and keep up with this crazy need for speed? How do you set high-but-realistic goals for yourself, your department, and even your organization?

In this talk, Priyanka Halder — Head of Quality Engineering at GoodRx — walks us through her tried-tested-and-proven formula to succeed in a hi-tech, high-paced environment, avoiding feeling burned out, and leveraging your whole team to deliver a high-performance & high-quality product in record time.

Key takeaways from this session:

  • The quality dilemma: time, money, resource crunch — and ways to overcome it
  • 3 steps applied to high-performance testing: Discovery, Analysis, Implementation
  • Ways to multitask efficiently
  • Delegation strategies

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