GitHub and Visual Studio Team Services Integrations now in Applitools Eyes

Product — Published April 10, 2018

Applitools 10.2 is now generally available, and we’d like to let you know about the support we’ve added for GitHub and Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS). These enhancements let you incorporate visual testing earlier in your release process.

GitHub integration to speed your commits; VSTS to streamline your continuous integration.
GitHub integration to speed your commits; VSTS to streamline your continuous integration.

GitHub Integration

Our new GitHub integration prevents visual issues from merging into your production software pipeline. Features include:

  • Integration of Applitools visual tests with GitHub pull & push request workflow.
    • See visual tests results & merge status as part of the GitHub pull request panel (see screenshot below).
    • Resolve any merge conflicts between branches.
    • Ensure that only code with resolved issues merges in GitHub code.  
Eyes and GitHub Integration
Eyes and GitHub Integration
  • Applitools baseline branching mapped to GitHub codebase branching
    • Applitools tests use and save baselines in branches using a name derived from Git branches.
    • Applitools batches together all visual tests in a specific CI build with a batch name that includes Git commit information. This provides more insight on issues detected.
  • Compare baseline Applitools visual test results across branches as part of the GitHub merge process.
    • Merges driven by a pull request trigger an Applitools branch merge to keep alignment between Applitools visual test baselines and your codebase in GitHub.
TM merge with conflict
Merge with conflict

Getting started with GitHub is very simple, with our integration available right from the GitHub store.

To be clear, our GitHub integration is only available for Applitools Public Cloud. We’re working to bring GitHub integration to our Private Cloud and On-Premise customers soon.

Visual Studio Team Services Integration

We also released a plugin for integrating with Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) build processes. Our Applitools plugin for Microsoft VSTS expands our enterprise CI/ CD integration beyond our existing Jenkins and JetBrains TeamCity integrations. Here’s a view of the plugin installed into VSTS:

Eyes Results in VSTS
Eyes Results in VSTS

Next Steps

Learn more in the documentation for our GitHub Integration and our VSTS Integration, request a demo, or sign up for a free Applitools account.

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