Building a Complete Pipeline: The Essential Components of Continuous Testing [webinar]

Events — Published February 21, 2020

In an era when testing is no longer limited to end-of-line waterfall-type process — but is an integral and substantial part of the end-to-end development process — it is ever more pressing to look under the hood of the tools, technologies, processes, and best practices utilized by top-notch testing teams that release world-class software.

In this webinar, Guy Arieli from Experitest and Eran Barlev from Applitools took an in-depth look at the technical aspects required to successfully scale continuous testing — and discussed the tools and technologies used by leading engineering teams, including their approach to managing functional, performance and visual testing at scale.

We also took a hands-on approach: via a live demo, we showed how all of these come together to create a complete end-to-end quality pipeline that supports continuous testing at scale.

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