Capital One: Bridging the Gap Between Quality Engineering and Product Management [webinar]

Events — Published October 27, 2019

Learn how leading global bank Capital One is successfully bridging the gap between quality engineering and product management – with a quality-first mindset!

Have you ever thought about how you can continuously enhance and improve customer experience? In today’s hyper-competitive environment — you should!

Competing apps and services are just a click away, which means quality cannot be an empty promise to your customers — it must be fully engrained into your products, your software, your entire Dev-Test-DevOps processes — but how can you help create this “quality-first” environment in your organization?

Recently, Evan Wiley has transitioned from quality engineering to product management at Caputal One, and concluded that a mature agile organisation can effectively blend the two roles — in order to guarantee the continuous release of superior software and quality products.

This change can be effectively done when you have done the following: colleagues who are ready to grow their own skills past their current roles, product management is valued at your organisation, and product managers are willing to learn technical skills related to enhancing customer experience with their own products.

In this webinar, Evan discussed the following topics:

  • What is Quality Engineering?
  • Which is More Important? Quality vs. Quantity
  • How to Cross-train Product Managers with Quality Engineers
  • Introducing Quality Engineers to Product Management

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