AI-Powered Test Automation: How GitHub Copilot and Applitools Can Help

Events — Published August 22, 2023

Test automation is crucial for any software engineering team to ensure high-quality releases and a smooth software development lifecycle. However, test automation efforts can often be tedious, time-consuming, and require specialized skills. New AI tools are emerging that can help accelerate test automation, handle flaky tests, increase test coverage, and improve productivity.

In a recent webinar, Rizel Scarlett and Anand Bagmar discussed how to leverage AI-powered tools like GitHub Copilot and Applitools to boost your test automation strategy.

GitHub Copilot can generate automated tests.

By providing code suggestions based on comments and prompts, Copilot can help quickly write test cases and accelerate test automation development. For example, a comment like “validate phone number” can generate a full regular expression in seconds. Copilot also excels at writing unit tests, which many teams struggle to incorporate efficiently.

Applitools Execution Cloud provides self-healing test capabilities.

The Execution Cloud allows you to run tests in the cloud or on your local machine. With self-healing functionality, tests can continue running successfully even when there are changes to web elements or locators. This helps reduce flaky tests and maintenance time. Although skeptical about self-healing at first, the experts found Applitools to handle updates properly without clicking incorrect elements.

Together, tools like Copilot and Applitools can transform your test automation.

Copilot generates the initial test cases and Applitools provides a self-healing cloud environment to run them. This combination leads to improved productivity, reduced flaky tests, and increased coverage.

Applitools Eyes and Execution Cloud offer innovative AI solutions for automated visual testing. By leveraging new technologies like these, teams can achieve test automation at scale and ship high-quality software with confidence. To see these AI tools in action and learn how they can benefit your team, watch the full webinar recording.

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