“AI, Please Test My App!” – Software Testing and the Role of AI – with Gil Tayar

Events — Published December 13, 2018
Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist @ Applitools
Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist @ Applitools

The future of software testing is autonomy: creating programs that autonomously test applications. So should you fear for your future, or be excited by the opportunities?

Watch this special end-of-year session with Gil Tayar, and learn if AI in software testing is something to look forward to: will it make software testers better? Or obsolete? 

In this webinar, Sr. Architect Gil Tayar discusses the future of software testing in light of recent major advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), and how testers should manage their careers while navigating this quickly-evolving ecosystem.

Autonomous cars were a Sci-Fi dream not 10 years ago. A computer driving a car? No way. But it did happen, and is happening. And if scientists do it for a complicated task such as driving, can they do it for automated regression testing?

Gil Tayar explores what is being done in the field today, but also speculates about the future: he will introduce the 6 levels of autonomous testing, and try and figure out what kind of help current AI techniques can bring to automated testing.

Key takeaways:

  • How autonomous driving works
  • 5 levels of autonomous driving
  • How AI works today to assist you in testing your app
  • 6 levels of AI in automated testing
  • Dreaming about the long-term

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