3 Reasons to Attend Front-End Test Fest 2023

Events — Published May 31, 2023

Hey there, automation testing enthusiasts! Joe Colantonio here, founder of TestGuild and the author of the new book Automation Awesomeness: 260 actionable affirmations to improve your QA and automation testing skills. I’m thrilled to bring you an incredible opportunity to level up your front-end testing game. Front-End Test Fest 2023 is just around the corner, and I’m here to share with you the top three reasons why you absolutely cannot miss this event!

Reason 1: Unleash Your Front-End Testing Superpowers

Front-End Test Fest, happening on June 7, 2023, is a one-day virtual event that promises to unlock the full potential of your front-end testing skills. In an ever-changing landscape, where front-end testing is evolving rapidly, this event will provide you with the latest trends, strategies, and practical tips from industry experts. From UI/UX design to component testing and AI-powered techniques, Front-End Test Fest covers it all. Discover how front-end testing is changing and equip yourself with the tools to become a front-end testing superhero!

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Reason 2: Learn from Industry Experts

One of the most exciting aspects of Front-End Test Fest is the incredible lineup of industry experts who will be sharing their wisdom. We’ve gathered thought leaders like Filip Hric, Ramona Schwering, Colby Fayock, Andrew Knight, Jason Lengstorf, and more. These experts will dive deep into topics such as testing like a developer, self-healing tests, and the power of AI-accelerated release pipelines. Their knowledge and experience will empower you to overcome testing challenges and deliver high-quality front-end experiences in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Reason 3: Connect and Expand Your Professional Network

Front-End Test Fest is not just about learning; it’s also an opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of automation testing enthusiasts. Engage in live Q&A sessions, participate in interactive discussions, and build valuable relationships with professionals who share your passion for test automation. The networking opportunities available during the event will expand your horizons and provide a platform for collaboration and growth.

Front-End Test Fest 2023 is the ultimate event for unleashing the power of automation testing in front-end development. I’m co-hosting the event with Bekah Hawrot Weigel, so I want to personally invite you to join us on June 7, 2023. Don’t miss this free opportunity to level up your front-end testing superpowers, connect with a vibrant community, and move ahead in this ever-evolving field. Mark your calendars and grab your virtual seat. I look forward to seeing you there!

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