Test component systems for visual regressions

Using Storybook and visual UI testing detects component bugs way upstream in the development process, when you first code your components. This prevents bugs from appearing downstream in applications, when they’re harder to diagnose.

Validate UIs locally across hundreds of browsers or devices

Our Storybook SDKs use Applitools Ultrafast Grid, so you can test hundreds of UI components or screens on any mobile device or browser without having to push to production or download tons of software.

Create and maintain tests without having to write code

Designers can easily create test for components or maintain full end-to-end tests within our easy to use dashboard. Never again get bottlenecked during testing from engineering.

Start testing your component system
with Applitools and Visual AI

At first our developers didn’t believe in visual automation. Now they’ve been singing Applitools’ praises because it catches critical bugs.
Greg Sypolt Gannett
Director, Quality Engineering

Add Visual AI to your Storybook tests in minutes

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