As one of the most challenging roles in an organization, modern Test Managers not only have to understand how to plan, implement, and manage a complex testing effort but also how to communicate and lead these efforts.

Join Test Manager Laveena Ramchandani as she shares the skills and strategies needed to be successful in Test/QA leadership. Drawing from her own experiences and from those with varying backgrounds, she offers actionable guidance for those aiming to become, or just starting to work as, a Test Manager.

Explore how to choose and deploy the right processes, tools, and team members to meet your quality mandate. Learn how to create a culture that values feedback. Understand why growing and retaining your best people is critical in uncertain economic times.

Key takeaways:

  • Traits to cultivate
  • Being a people manager
  • Tools and techniques: How to choose what’s best for your team
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Working smart
Skills and Strategies for New Test Managers

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Expert Speakers

Laveena Ramchandani

Test Manager, Easy Jet

Laveena Ramchandani is an experienced Testing Manager with a comprehensive understanding of tools available for software testing and analysis. She aims to provide valuable insights that have high technical aptitude and hopes to inspire others in the world through her work. Laveena holds a degree in Business Computing from Queen Mary University of London and regularly speaks at events on data science models and other topics.

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