Testing web apps today is hard. Not only are apps more complex than ever, but their pages must also be validated against an exploding number of combinations of browsers, devices, and versions – an industry average of 81,480 screens to 681,296 for the top 33%.

Testing tools are also changing. While browser automation tools like Selenium WebDriver and cross-browser testing architectures like Selenium Grid have been industry mainstays for years, new tools are emerging that offer faster, more reliable automation with richer features.

In this 1-hour workshop, “Automation Panda” Andy Knight explains how to automate cross-browser tests in JavaScript using Playwright, a relatively new open-source, end-to-end test framework from Microsoft, and how to integrate them into CI/CD to provide feedback on quality across all browser/device combinations in seconds.


  • The importance and evolution of cross-browser testing
  • Critical requirements for a scalable cross-browser testing initiative and pros/cons of different approaches
  • How to accelerate cross-browser and cross-device testing for integration into CI/CD using JavaScript with Playwright
Modern Cross Browser Testing in JavaScript Using Playwright

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Andrew Knight
Andrew Knight

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