With every organization investing in User Experience, the UX team must collaborate with engineering to deliver an unparalleled user experience. The biggest challenge is the opaqueness of the platform—not knowing what users are seeing because of all the ways and places screens can be dynamically generated. The number of permutations is overwhelming and is impossible for the UX team to navigate. The solution is to make sure every regression is immediately spotted across all screen variations, ensuring the user experience is exactly as it was intended to be.

Govind Ramachandran, Head of Testing and Quality Assurance for Asia Technology Services at Manulife Asia, discusses challenges around UI/UX testing for enterprise-wide digital programs in this on-demand session. He offers a blueprint for achieving continuous testing of the customer experience using Figma and Applitools.

Key takeaways:

  • What makes UX testing so hard?
  • How Figma and Applitools can be used to identify defects in the early stages
  • Test engineering strategies for UI/UX
Continuously Testing UX for Enterprise Platforms

See why the most forward-thinking frontend teams use Applitools

Expert Speakers

Govind Ramachandran
Govind Ramachandran

Head of Testing and Quality Assurance, Asia Technology Services | Manulife Asia

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