Welcome Preflight To The Applitools Family

News, Product — Published June 29, 2023

We are excited to share some fantastic news with our valued customers and the broader testing community. Applitools has acquired Preflight, a pioneering no-code platform that streamlines the creation, execution, and management of complex end-to-end tests. This acquisition marks a significant step in our journey to provide you with breakthrough technology that empowers your teams to increase test coverage, reduce test execution time, and deliver superior applications that your customers will love.

Introducing Applitools Preflight

Preflight is a robust no-code testing tool that empowers teams of all skill levels to automate complex testing scenarios. It runs these tests at an impressive scale across various browsers and screen sizes. Preflight’s user-friendly web recorder captures every element accurately and includes a data generator to simulate even the most complex test cases. This is a game-changer for manual testers, QA engineers, and product teams as it empowers them to automate test scenarios regardless of their skillset, effectively multiplying their QA abilities instantly.

Preflight ensures businesses achieve the test coverage necessary to consistently delight customers with each new experience, all without writing a single line of code.

The Benefits of Preflight

Simplified Test Creation: With Preflight, anyone on the team can create and run tests, democratizing the testing process. This inclusivity leads to more thorough testing and faster feedback cycles.

Expanded Test Coverage: Preflight enables teams to create comprehensive test suites that cover more functionality in less time. It can easily create UI tests, API tests, verify emails during sign-up, generate synthetic data, and more. This means teams can test more scenarios and edge cases that may have been overlooked with manual testing or traditional automated testing.

Enhanced Maintainability and Reusability: Preflight allows customers to reuse sections of test suites, workflows, login profiles, data, and more across different tests, reducing redundancy. It also simplifies test maintenance with a powerful test editor and live test replay that makes editing tests fast and intuitive, reducing one of the biggest gripes of record-and-replay tools.

The Future of Applitools and Preflight

While Preflight will continue to be available as a standalone product, we are actively integrating it into the Applitools platform to bring Visual AI to the masses! To get an exclusive first look at Preflight today, we invite you to sign up for a demo with one of our engineers.

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