Why Digital Executives Should Care about Automated Visual Testing

Advanced Topics — Published June 15, 2016

These days, to make an impact on your customers and reach new audiences, it’s not enough to have a great product. A company without a strong digital presence – and by extension, a great digital experience – can fall behind.

What do we mean by the digital experience? This translates to delivering an app that works functionally and looks beautiful across any digital platform that your customers care about. 

But creating this experience isn’t always easy. It’s hard to keep up with an ever-growing number of different devices, browsers and screen resolutions.

Adjusting your site or app to the huge variety of platforms out there is a time-consuming task, and you might find yourself asking how to maintain a great digital experience without wasting time on QA, physical device testing and other maintenance procedures.

However, maintenance and testing is key to delivering a good digital experience. Data collected from users’ online behaviour teaches us that in many cases, a user who has closed your app after encountering a bug won’t open it up again.
Moreover, a visual-faulty UI creates an unprofessional feel to your site or app and a negative reputation to your brand. To keep your customers engaged and to ensure they are loyal and excited about your site or app, you must provide them a friendly and flawless experience.

With today’s growing numbers of operating systems, devices and browsers, a flawless digital experience can be achieved only by automatically detecting UI bugs and monitoring your site or app, assuring continuous quality in your product’s lifecycle. Assuring a visually perfect experience across multiple platforms requires the automation of your testing – not only of the functional aspects of your site or app, but the visual ones as well.

Hello, Automated Visual Testing

This is why the practice of Automated Visual Testing is gaining huge momentum right now. Whether you’re a Digital Experience Executive or QA Manager, Automated Visual Testing can offer you many benefits.

Visual Testing allows you to handle changes in your site or app that would have otherwise demanded a large amount of work using conventional testing methods by your developers and QA teams.
Both functional and visual bugs in your UI that would have taken hours to detect using manual QA personnel can now be automatically detected. This allows your development team to work better and faster, while widening your feature scope and shortening your release cycle. The automation of your visual tests will allow your developers and QA engineers to push your product forward, instead of chasing and fixing UI bugs.

Adding Automated Visual Testing to your existing testing infrastructure doesn’t take much effort. Implementation into your workflow will take some time, but automating your visual tests will quickly boost your team’s productivity, enable you to test and monitor your digital experience across all platforms.

Keep your customers happy – give them a flawless experience by automating your visual tests today!

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