Quest for Quality Conference Dublin, Ireland – See You There!

Events — Published October 1, 2018

This week, we’re joining international software testing and quality assurance (QA) thought leaders at the 2018 Quest for Quality Conference located at The Marker Hotel on Grand Canal Square in Dublin, Ireland.  

What is Quest for Quality Conference? Quest for Quality (@Quest_4_Qaulity,  #Q4Q2018 ), now in its third year, is a two-day event dedicated to advancing the software testing and quality practices featuring thought leaders addressing challenges and new technologies including AI, machine learning and agile practices. This year’s conference is taking place in Dublin, Ireland from October 3-4.

We’re looking forward to meeting international software testing and QA leaders and community members for a jam-packed 48 hours of learning. Among the lineup of speakers are representatives from Lyft, Salesforce, Toptal, Intel and many more.

Quest for Quality Conference 2018We are also scheduled to deliver two presentations at the event. Both talks will come from senior pre-sales engineer Liran Barokas. On October 3 at 2:05 p.m. BST in The Market Suite, he will present “Not Only Cars: AI, Please Test My App” where he introduces the 6 levels of autonomous testing (that correspond to the 5 levels of autonomous driving), and what current AI techniques can bring to automated testing. In his second talk, taking place on October 3 at 2:55 p.m. BST in The Shannon Room, he presents “One Does Not Simply Do Bitmap Comparison: Intro to Visual Testing.” In this talk, Barokas discusses why bitmap comparisons just don’t cut it and how visual UI testing is a solution.

As Gold Sponsors, we’re happy to support Quest for Quality 2018. We’re excited to share the latest visual testing and monitoring techniques that support automation and improved visual UI testing through the Application Visual Management (AVM) approach.

We’re also looking forward to sharing the latest from Applitools Eyes, our Automated Visual AI Testing Platform. Some of the latest features include UI Version Control that lets you build software smarter by capturing the entire visual history of your apps so you have a record of what’s been changed, by whom, and when — and what should be rolled back if necessary.

Additionally, Applitools Eyes offers UI baseline management, team collaboration, expanded third-party tool integrations and extensive analytics dashboards – eliminating the stress of manual visual testing through its AI features. This helps ensure a visually perfect user experience on every single browser and device. You can find us posted up in the foyer giving away some visually perfect swag – hope to meet you there!

If you don’t get a chance to connect with us a Quest for Quality, reach out or sign up for a free Applitools account.

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