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Product — Published May 1, 2020

Parasoft Selenic and Applitools Eyes Integrate to Improve Web UI Testing

Guest Author: Joyce (Joy) Ruff, Product Marketing Manager at Parasoft.

In a web application design, the user interface (UI) can make or break the usability. To verify the UI works well, you need to ensure that you can thoroughly test it. As applications become more complex and more difficult to test, an automated test environment provides better visibility to potential web UI issues. 

For many companies, Selenium is the de facto standard for web UI testing. Parasoft introduced the Selenic tool to enhance Selenium test creation with the page object model, simplify maintenance with self-healing, and reduce testing time with optimized execution. With Parasoft Selenic, you can understand if your Selenium tests have broken due to locators or wait conditions and receive AI-powered recommendations for how to fix them.

With the latest release, Selenic now provides integration with Applitools, which uses AI to capture screenshots of UI differences that can be hard to see without the aid of computer vision. The combination of these capabilities makes it easier for you to assess the results of your Web UI testing. With a simple configuration setup, when you run your Selenium tests with Selenic, an Applitools Visual AI screenshot will be automatically captured at each click and navigation step, ensuring maximum test coverage with incredible speed, accuracy, and stability.

See how fast and easy it is to integrate Applitools and Selenic for better visibility of your web UI changes in this short video.

Joy Ruff is a Product Marketing Manager, focused on product positioning and marketing content for Parasoft’s functional testing tools. With over 25 years of experience, she has provided technical marketing and sales enablement for various enterprise hardware and software solutions. Follow her on Twitter @jfruff.

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