Introducing Monorepo Support, New APIs, and more with Applitools 10.15

Product — Published July 19, 2022

We’re excited to announce the latest release of Applitools Eyes, which comes with a number of new enhancements that our customers have been asking for. Applitools Eyes 10.15 is now available and can be accessed in the dashboard.

Support For Monorepos in Git

Applitools now supports Monorepos for all major git providers, allowing teams to add Visual AI to large, complex, single-tenant code repositories using tags and PR titles to separate teams and logic inside Applitools. A monorepo is a popular method for repository organization in teams looking for maximum speed and collaboration across their codebase, but it can introduce complexity when it comes to tools that work with the repo. Applitools now has the ability to granularly run and test sections of the repo as if they were separated.

Support For Multiple Git Repos In One Account

Continuing on our Git hot streak, Applitools now also supports integrating multiple GitHub organizations into a single Applitools team. For partners, agencies, or just large organizations that separate organizations you can now work on multiple projects with one Applitools account.

Enhanced Support For Dynamic Region Validation

When using coded regions based on an element identifier, Applitools Eyes 10.15 can now adjust the region automatically and make sure it covers the most up-to-date element dimensions. This ignores irrelevant diffs and saves more of your time!

New REST API Endpoints

The Applitools REST API has a few new endpoints that enable teams to interact with Applitools at scale. In Applitools Eyes 10.15 we’ve added the ability to validate API keys and edit batches programmatically.

To try out these great new enhancements in the latest release of Applitools Eyes 10.15, get started with Applitools today.

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