Collaborating with Developers: How-to Guide for QA Pros & Test Engineers

Getting Started — Published January 31, 2019
Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist @ Applitools
Gil Tayar, Sr. Architect and Evangelist @ Applitools

Watch this in-depth session by Gil Tayar about how Test Engineers and QA pros can successfully collaborate with developers.

This webinar includes an extensive overview on test methodologies and types – especially for frontend testing – tips, tricks, and best practices on how to effectively test developer code, and how to decipher developer lingo.

The full webinar recording and Gil’s slide-deck are below.

“I will give a recipe that you can follow to ease your fear of the unknown: writing tests for developer code. At the end of this session, I guarantee that you will gain a deeper understanding of different kinds of tests, know how to decipher developer terminology, and learn how to write unit, integration, browser, and E2E tests.” — Gil Tayar. Sr. Architect & Evangelist

Testing is shifting left, moving closer to testing the code itself. But while managers dictate a shift to the left, developers and testers are confused as to how exactly to test the code.

And while the backend world has established code-testing methodologies, we are still trying to figure out how to test frontend code, while ensuring effective testing procedures and processes.

This means testers need to step in and work with the frontend developers, but with an understanding of the frameworks by which frontend code is tested, the various kinds of testing that can be performed on frontend code, and which tools can be used for this.

In this hands-on session, Gil Tayar will demystify the frontend testing process, and guide us on how to work effectively with developers. He discusses various test methodologies, and how they fit together in a coherent way. Gil also includes sample code that you can use as a template in your own project — all in order to provide you with the knowledge and tools to approach and test developer code.

Topics include:

  • Get familiar with different types of tests
  • Understand developer terminology around frontend testing
  • Learn how to write unit tests, integration tests, and browser and E2E tests
  • Get acquainted with the tools of the trade – for testers and for developers
Gil’s full slide deck:


Full webinar recording:

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