Top 5 Features To Look for in a Codeless Automation Solution [webinar recording]

Events — Published August 10, 2020

Watch this on-demand session to discover what are the must-have features of codeless automation solutions, which testing challenges they help solve, and how to choose the solution that is right for your team.

Manual testing is necessary for certain types and modes of testing — but its inability to properly and quickly scale up creates major setbacks and bottlenecks for companies.

So what’s the answer?

We see organizations turning their attention and resources to codeless automation solutions in the hopes of solving the issues of speed, coverage, and maintenance — but how do you choose a solution that is right for your team?

In this session, we dived into the 5 key features you should look for in a codeless automation solution, discussed how each of those features helps solve different testing challenges, and demonstrated how those features work.

Dzung Ngo’s Slidedeck (Katalon)

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