Greg Sypolt (Gannett | USA Today) and Joe Colantonio (TestTalks)

Watch Joe Colantonio interview Greg Sypolt — Director of Quality Engineering @ Gannett | USA Today — and learn how he built his Dev/Test team for success – including: hiring test engineers, organizational culture, must-have tools, work processes, and best practices. 

Improving coverage, quality, and teamwork — which lead to faster, better releases — requires a seamless merger of leadership skills, engineering savvy, advanced best-in-market tools, and cross-team collaboration and communication. But although most organizations claim they’re committed to agile development and digital transformation — including fully automated CI-CD processes — this is not a simple task: 75% of companies that have started this journey testified to failure in achieving those goals.

So what is the secret of success of the 25% of companies that have triumphed with implementing this change?

Greg Sypolt — Director of Quality Engineering @ Gannett | USA Today Network — will share the steps he took on his successful quest to conquer a fully automated CI-CD release pipeline, while supporting dozens of different apps, across a myriad of digital platforms covering thousands of end-user engagement points.

In this live interview hosted by Joe Colantonio — founder of the Guild Conferences and TestTalks podcast — you will discover what is Greg’s secret recipe for building a winning Dev/Test team that delivers quality software products – faster.

Watch this live interview and learn:

  • Hiring for success: building a winning Dev/Test team
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of teamwork and effective communication
  • Improving test coverage with more accuracy and less code
  • Accelerating release cycles, while improving quality but without going over-budget
  • Tools of the trade: what is in Greg’s tech stack that he can’t — and won’t — do without


Full Webinar Recording:


Greg is hiring for his team!

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Written by Addie Ben-Yehuda