AI and The Future of Test Automation with Adam Carmi | A Dave-reloper’s Take

Events, Product — Published October 16, 2023

We have a lot of great webinars and virtual events here at Applitools. I’m hoping posts like this give you a high-level summary of the key points with plenty of room for you to form your own impressions.

Dave Piacente

Curious if the software robots are here to take our jobs? Or maybe you’re not a fan of the AI hype train? During a recent session, The Future of AI-Based Test Automation, CTO Adam Carmi discussed—in practical terms—the current and future state of AI-based test automation, why it matters, and what you can do today to level up your automation practice.

  • He describes how AI can be used to overcome common everyday challenges in end-to-end test automation, how the need for skilled testers will only increase, and how AI-based tooling can help supercharge any automated testing practice.
  • He also puts his money where his mouth is by demonstrating how the neverending maintenance overhead of tests can be mitigated using AI-driven tooling which already exists today using concrete examples (e.g., visual validation and self-healing locators).
  • He also discusses the role that AI will play in the future, including the development of autonomous testing platforms. These platforms will be able to automatically explore applications, add validations, and fill gaps in test coverage. (Spoiler alert: Applitools is building one, and Adam shows a bit of a teaser for it using a real-time in-browser REPL to automate the browser which uses natural language similar to ChatGPT.)

You can watch the full recording and find the session materials here, and I’ve included a quick breakdown with timestamps for ease of reference.

  • Challenges with automating end-to-end tests using traditional approaches (02:34-10:22)
  • How AI can be used to overcome these challenges (10:23-44:56)
  • The role of AI in the future of test automation (e.g., autonomous testing) (44:57-58:56)
  • The role of testers in the future (58:57-1:01:47)
  • Q&A session with the speaker (1:01:48-1:12:30)

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