Testing has been a crucial phase in software development, and its scope has been widened over the years. Based on the circumstances and state of your project, you may have to slide from left to right or stay in the centre to deliver quality products.

Gain a better understating of what type of testing is suitable from left to right in this session with Millan Kaul. Take home actionable strategies and get answers to key questions, including:

  • How in-sprint end-to-end testing and exploratory testing during development may take you close to Agile success.
  • How to shift left and complete test automation before in-sprint development is complete
  • When you should or shouldn’t automate

Plus, get insights on what accessibility testing has to offer your automation and real examples of how to do performance and security testing while shifting left.

Key takeaways:

  • Recognizing how to approach testing during various phases of SDLC
  • Guidelines on when to use one over the other
  • Building an understating of what type of testing is suitable from left to right
Shift Left Testing

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Expert Speaker

Millan Kaul

Quality Lead

Millan Kaul is a strong advocate of quality and shift left testing and is always ready to pick up opportunities for test automation. Millan is adept at implementing solid quality engineering culture wherever he goes. He also writes technical blogs on Medium.com and dev.to. As a developer, he has published more than 7 apps on the Fitbit app store.

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