Automated testing has been around for several decades, spanning back to the advent of computer programming. While the rest of the software development and underlying technologies have made paradigm advances in speed and scalability, automated tests and their poor execution performance became the bottleneck. Continuous Integration (CI) pipeline execution also suffered as a result of the rise in the number of tests that were executed.

A well-thought-out test platform is built with intentionally selected tools that provide the optimal balance of speed, performance, and cost-effectiveness. In this talk, Senior Software Developer Anvesh Malhotra will cover the technology stack and architecture used to automate tests at Gannett.

Key takeaways:

  • How to execute a high volume of tests with exceptional throughput
  • Going the next step in providing developer feedback for every commit
  • Quality Engineering for real and live users
Test Automation Architecture

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Expert Speakers

Anvesh Malhotra
Anvesh Malhotra

Senior Software Developer, Gannett (USA TODAY NETWORK)

Anvesh Malhotra is a Senior Software Developer at Gannett / USA TODAY NETWORK. Prior to joining Gannett, he earned his Master’s degree in Information Management from Arizona State University. He focuses on designing and building cutting-edge tools that empower developers and testers to bring quality checks at every stage of continuous integration pipelines. Anvesh brings a software engineering mindset to quality assurance that has successfully enabled Gannett to execute and analyze tests at a high scale. Outside work, Anvesh likes to explore and travel to new places and play games on PlayStation.

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