With the holidays approaching, you’re expecting increased traffic to your eCommerce website and more potential for sales. Traditional testing methods don’t always test your eCommerce applications in the same way that your customers shop, and writing stable tests that properly capture user scenarios and products at scale is tedious and can slow releases. Watch this demo to see how Visual AI helps retail businesses test faster, protecting eCommerce applications and providing a new level of confidence.

Key takeaways:

  • Challenges of testing eCommerce apps
  • Why Visual AI allows retail businesses to test faster
  • How Applitools Eyes is perfectly built for dynamic, eCommerce websites
  • Live demo
Ensuring a Reliable Digital Experience This Black Friday

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Expert Speakers

Dan Giordano


A Web Developer turned Developer Marketer, Dan Giordano has over a decade’s experience building and growing Open Source tools and services like Swagger, Jenkins, Selenium, Gatsby, and others. As the Senior Director of Product Marketing here at Applitools, he enjoys translating the benefits of new technologies to businesses of all sizes.

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