In the past, Quality Assurance (QA) teams have relied on manual checks to look for visual issues while testing on large and dynamic websites. However, with so many sites and features being added to the websites, this approach has proven time and resource-intensive while also allowing critical visual bugs to slip into live websites, causing brand damage and a poor digital experience for visitors.


  • How NSW Government Digital Channels’ Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, Sabbir Subhan, and his QA team engineered the processes and tools that provide the ‘sweet spot’ between human and machine when it comes to visual QA testing. Understand how to shorten release cycles with Visual AI.
  • How Cypress Evangelist Christine Pinto used custom commands she’d created and discovered to hack her Cypress test suite with Applitools’ AI  to make it more stable & reliable.

Key Highlights:

  1. The challenges of the quality assurance process on a large and prominent government website
  2. How to build the automation practice to develop a comprehensive visual testing offering
  3. How to deal with lazy-loading images to create reliable visual baselines in Cypress
  4. The DOM is detached; where did it go and how can we deal with it in Cypress
How Visual AI Enhanced Testing on Large and Dynamic Websites

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Expert Speakers

Christine Pinto

Cypress Evangelist

Christine Pinto is a freelancing Senior Automation Engineer, with a depth of experience as an application support specialist, developer, systems engineer, and team lead. She has a broad range of knowledge and experience with various automation tools and is an active contributing member of the QA community, publishing articles and giving presentations to help improve the understanding and skill of fellow engineers globally.

Sabbir Subhan

Principal Quality Assurance Engineer, NSW Government

Sabbir has 13 years of industry experience in quality assurance and automation. He now leads the QA Chapter in the Department of Customer Service, NSW Government as Principal Quality Assurance Engineer. Sabbir is passionate about new ways of bringing efficiency in quality assurance by leveraging automation and modern practices and tools.

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