Discover how Fiserv solved its challenge with automated PDF testing.

Business organizations are taking advantage of advancements in digital technology to grow their customer base and revenue at an increasing pace.

Simply put, the faster that new customer agreements, forms, and documents can be processed — the faster that companies can grow revenue from their expanding customer base.

How does a software testing team respond to the business challenge of “increase the pace of business growth, increase the revenue”?

Specifically, how does a testing team effort improve their own efficiency in validating dynamically generated PDF documents that are mission-critical to the pipeline of creating & establishing new business?

How can a testing process improvement effort — that includes automated visual validation — calculate ROI? What other opportunities does automated visual validation testing offer testing teams when they want to deliver increased value to their project and product teams?

In this hands-on session, Dave Harrison, Software Testing Practice Lead, Fiserv Global Business Systems, and Christopher Kane, Software Test Engineer, Fiserv Global Business Systems, discussed these challenges and how they have progressed in taking them on. A walk-through of automated PDF document generation and visual validation was also shown.

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