No matter your role, with widespread regulation and guideline changes on the horizon, you and your team must have eyes on accessibility. But what strategies should you employ, and more importantly, how do you involve the entire project team?

In this workshop, accessibility advocate Erin Hess addresses key questions, including what are the most common accessibility (A11y) categories, where to consider A11y in the SDLC, and what the intersection of software and empathy looks like. She explores human-centered design thinking as a tool and demonstrates how empathy can drive innovation.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, tester, product owner, or customer advocate, you’ll take home strategies for making accessibility fun and approachable for your entire project team.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how empathy empowers teams and end users and drives innovation
  • Explore human-centered design-thinking as a tool
  • Making accessibility fun and approachable for the entire project team

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Expert Speakers

Erin Hess
Erin Hess

Test Engineer

Erin Hess is a creative professional and self-taught coder who developed a love for software testing. She possesses a passion for software quality and is a champion for inclusion and accessibility. Often seeking new experiences and knowledge, Erin enjoys attending and co-organizing a wide variety of gatherings on multiple platforms in her spare time.

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