Learn how a leading European Telecom company accelerated their software release process by implementing several layers of automated testing, including automated visual testing of their design system, component testing, and more, using a modern tech stack including Vue, Storybook, Applitools, Docker, and Jenkins.

Nina Westenbrink, Software Engineer at KPN, demonstrates how the visual time to test the company’s design system was decreased and simplified. She offers helpful tips and tricks on what you can do to start decreasing the visual time to test your system.

Along the way, Nina also speaks about her career progression as a woman in testing and how to empower women and overcome biases in software engineering.

Key takeaways:

  • The evolution of visual testing
  • Simplifying visual testing to decrease the time to test
  • Empowering women—and each other—in software engineering
Accelerating Visual Testing

See Applitools in action with your tech stack.

Expert Speakers

Nina Westenbrink

Software Engineer

Seven years ago, Nina Westenbrink switched careers from a Business Process Analyst to a Software Engineer. She feels lucky for the opportunity to make that switch within the company she already worked for, the Dutch Telecom Company, KPN. Nina currently lives in Amsterdam and spends her free time gaming, reading, and gardening.

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