E2e and Workflow Testing

End to End Testing

End-to-end testing provides a comprehensive and accurate picture of how an application will behave in production. It helps identify errors early in the development process and can save time and money by avoiding rework later. End-to-end testing can help to improve the quality of an application by ensuring that all components work together seamlessly.

Ensure Correctness

End-to-end testing ensures that the application is working as intended, so the users are less likely to encounter errors when using the application.

Boost Coverage

End-to-end testing has greater coverage than other types of testing, such as unit or integration testing. This means more requirements are tested, and more application areas are covered.

Find Errors Earlier

End-to-end testing helps to find errors early in the development process before the application is deployed. This means that you’ll spend less time and money on fixing errors later.

Preflight has been a game-changer for us. The elegance, ease-of-use, and robustness of their automated functional testing SaaS platform has allowed us to write diverse tests across our multiple application suite. Their Workflows feature has allowed us to recreate dependencies across our testing suite and now we release our software more regularity, with more confidence, than ever before in the history of our company

Rob Newman Parity Factory

I hadn’t used a no-code testing platform before, and was a little skeptical about how well it could work. I was pleasantly surprised!

Zak Kempson Pop To The Shops

Our customer support person, who can’t code, has in effect become a professional automated web tester because of Preflight. It feels like we’re cheating

Pasha Rayan TheForage

Automated End-to-End Testing

PreFlight makes it easy to create automated end-to-end tests for your application. The program’s main feature is an accurate recording function, which may be used to recreate just about everything you can do in your software.

Workflows Feature

Workflows enable you to chain tests together in a sequence. This can include things like: A client asks for an insurance quotation, and the agent may issue the policy and then allow the customer to view/verify the quote generated by the agent.

Understand the structure of the workflow

PreFlight understands how your product is organized, more than simply relying on testers’ inputs. As a result, PreFlight is flexible enough to adjust to any modifications in your product. The aim is to ensure that the test only fails when there’s a problem with the product, not the test itself.

Meaningful test coverage in under minutes

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