Native Mobile Grid

The fastest way to
continuously test
mobile applications

Applitools Native Mobile Grid is the next generation mobile-device cloud that expands your cross-device testing strategy in no time at all. Get the confidence you need to ship continuously.

Increase Device

Easily make sure you are testing across the broad range of iOS and Android mobile devices and orientations that your customers use.

Reduce Test Flakiness
and Cost

Visual AI reduces flaky test runs and false positive test results by up to 90% thanks to visual AI. No more unreliable infrastructure wrecking your tests.

Accelerate Mobile
App Delivery

Run tests in a fraction of the time of traditional testing grids or manual testing with truly async parallel testing on our revolutionary testing grid.

Give your mobile users a perfect experience,
no matter what device they are on

With access to the best iOS and Android devices, the Native Mobile Grid will help
you catch more bugs with less time spent writing, executing, or managing tests.

“We’re thrilled to see native mobile testing take the next technological leap forward with Appium running on the Applitools Native Mobile Grid”

Srinivasan Sekar
Appium Open Source Team Lead

Improve Coverage

With Applitools Native Mobile Grid, you’ll be able to write your mobile tests once and have them automatically executed across our asynchronous mobile test grid in perfect unison. Choose from over 50+ popular iOS and Android devices.

Reduce Testing Time

Cut down mobile test execution time by up to 90% on
the Native Mobile Grid

Tests can be executed across any number of devices and viewports reducing test execution time and making sure that testing doesn’t become a bottleneck. Test on 10+ mobile devices in just seconds

Intuitive Workflow

Hassle-free setup with your favorite mobile UI and test frameworks

Testing with Appium, Espresso, or XCUI? How about building your app with AndroidX or UIKit? The Native Mobile Grid works out of the box with popular mobile test and UI frameworks meaning you can start testing on day one.

Finally, a mobile testing cloud that focuses on shipping bug-free UIs

Intelligent Baseline Testing

Fullpage or viewport snapshots are quickly compared against baselines using visual AI.

Automatic Locator Tracking

Mobile locators are difficult to find and flaky over time. Automate using visual AI.

Localization Testing

Test different languages without writing tons of repeat assertions

Dynamic Content & Layout Testing

Easily mark areas in your application UI that you want omit from testing

Integrate Into Your CI/CD

Applitools integrates with your entire development workflow from Git to CI/CD.

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