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Here at Applitools, over the past couple of years, our most innovative customers taught us that using Visual AI for both functional and visual test automation is the best way to get great results from all your hard work. By combining Visual AI with legacy code-based approaches using frameworks like Selenium, WebdriverIO, and Cypress, you write far less code, test a lot more pages and screens, and catch more early-stage bugs faster. Inspired by these innovators, we want to spread the word, educate the global test automation community, and have fun doing it!

That’s why we’ve launched our Applitools Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon with over $40,000 in prizes for the 100 engineers that show the world that they are automation Rockstars! Apply now to compete!

500 Engineers. 100 Winners. Over $40,000 in Prizes.

We believe anyone in the world can be a Visual AI Testing Rockstar, so we’re distributing the prizes far and wide:

Hackathon Prizes Note: SeConf tickets are only for US participants.

To keep things fair, we’re reserving the majority of the prizes for testers with companies who are not paying customers of Applitools. After all, our goal is to educate and spread the word about automated Visual AI testing far and wide, so we will make sure to reserve a lot of the fun for those of you not yet familiar with Visual AI. That said, if you are a paying customer, a $5,000 diamond winner prize could be all yours! You know what to do!

How Does It Work?

In this hackathon, you will write two kinds of functional test automation scripts against a standard demo app that we provide. Everyone will get the same exact app to make sure it’s totally fair. First, you will use your preferred traditional web-based framework of Selenium, Cypress, or WebdriverIO along with any functional assertion tools such as JUnit, Mocha, etc. Then, you will repeat the process using an Applitools Visual AI SDK.

One important detail - the Applitools Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon is only open to the first 500 testers around the globe that successfully submit their results. That gives you a 20% chance to win, but only if you are among those first 500 to submit. We will keep the contest open until the end of November, but urge you to submit as soon as possible to secure a spot!

Submitting is easy. You’ll post your test scripts to your public or private GitHub repo. Our panel of judges, including experts like Angie Jones, Raja Rao, Moshe Millman, Gil Tayar, and Dave Haefner, will then determine who’s done the best job of providing coverage efficiently and catching all the bugs -- using both traditional assertions and our Visual AI SDK.

Note: We recommend using a private Github repo so others can’t find your work. If you use a private repo, please add rajaraodv as collaborators by going to your repo’s Settings > “Collaborators and Teams” section and adding rajaraodv as a collaborator. If you want to use public repo, at least give it some random name so it’ll be harder for others to find it.

For all the gritty details, please see our hackathon instructions.

How Can I Qualify?

  • We can only accept the first 500 valid code submissions (20% of you are winners? Not bad!).
  • People from anywhere in the world can participate.
  • Unlike other hackathons, you don’t need a team to participate, you’ll apply and submit on your own.
    • You’ll need to spend approx 5 hours to complete the challenge (maybe more, maybe less depending on your skills).
    • You have a month to complete the challenge and to submit but only the first 500 valid submissions will be accepted.
  • Your test scripts need to use one of the following:
    • Selenium WebDriver using Java, JavaScript, Python or C# bindings
    • Cypress
    • WebdriverIO 4 or 5
  • You keep our lawyers happy by accepting our terms and conditions when you sign up.

How Do I Win?

  • Submit your hackathon application
    • Once you apply, we’ll send you a special Applitools account that you can use for purposes of the Hackathon. Important note - you can’t use the publicly available account as it won’t have all the features you need.
    • We will provide you access to a special Applitools account within 24 hours, but you can still start the challenge since our Visual AI SDK is only used in the second part of the challenge.
  • Complete the hackathon by following our hackathon challenge instructions.
  • Submit your completed code
    • You must provide step-by-step and clear instructions to run the test suite in the README.MD within the Github Repo. Please ask your friend or colleague to go through the instructions and run the code themselves just to ensure the steps are correct and are detailed enough.
    • You must have all the tests automated as per the hackathon instructions.
    • You have until the end of November to complete the challenge, but remember, only the first 500 submissions will be eligible to win.
    • Only one submission per person is allowed.
    • Plagiarizing or sharing your code with others will disqualify you.
  • Hint: If you want to build a competitive advantage, there are several courses on Visual AI at Test Automation University including:

What Are the Dates?

  • Start date: November 4, 2019
  • End date: November 30, 2019, at 11:59 pm PDT, or after we have received 500 valid submissions, whichever occurs first.
  • Judging: December 1, 2019, through Tuesday, January 14th, 2020
  • Winners announcement: Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

How Are You Judging?

  • First, you must be qualified and your submission code must be complete.
  • Next, we will look at how well the tests are written in terms of design, coverage, and efficiency.
  • Then, we look at how well you applied Applitools Visual AI in the second part of the challenge including the features you used and how well you applied them.
  • Finally, of course, we will want to see that the tests are correct and highlight clear errors.

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