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Applitools Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon

Thank you for visiting us!! The Global Visual AI Rockstar Hackathon ran from November 5th till November 30th, 2019 and is now closed. Currently, we are judging the submissions and will announce the winners on January 23rd!

We had an overwhelming response with over 3,500 applicants and 300 submissions from across the world! Based on the amazing feedback we received, we will do it again in Q1, so keep an eye out for that or subscribe to our awesome blog to stay informed of all things test automation. 😉

In the meantime, it’s never too late to skill-up! Check out the following free course on TestAutomationU to learn about Modern Functional Test Automation Through Visual AI testing.

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P.S. Need a little encouragement? Check out some quotes from people who completed the hackathon:

  • “It was my first time enjoying a hackathon, a great experience. It is important for my development and testing my knowledge. Congratulations!”
  • “It is a good way to learn new tools and find a better way to write code”
  • “I liked that you didn't ask us to just use your tool to automate tests, but asked us to do it the traditional way first. By doing so it allowed me to experience for myself how beneficial Applitools is, as well as learning about testing with Selenium. I also liked that there were set websites, which eliminated the hurdle of trying to find a website to test on. As someone new to testing that may have stopped me from participating. I also liked how you defined the testing goals and test cases which also gave me an idea of what testing a website on my own would look like. I attend a lot of in-person hackathons but haven't had time to engage in the online ones. But this one was a great format that made me want to join!”
  • “Real-world examples with some challenging tasks that are easy to imagine in real life. Some nice tricky to find bugs like the tops of some of the bar charts, I must admit I missed myself at first glance.”
  • “It was a fun, gamified way to explore Applitools for someone who doesn’t do a lot of UI or Visual testing normally. I really liked that!”