Fiserv Ensures Accurate PDF Agreements with Applitools

This is a solution that has been a big win for us, but in many ways, it’s only the beginning. The scope of our PDF validation will grow.

Dave Harrison — FiservSoftware Testing Practice Lead

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Fiserv improved its PDF agreement creation process with automated visual testing to increase support from 1 to 5 different agreement document types.

Fiserv increased its PDF test coverage for less manual labor with automated visual validation to reduce hours of manual review by testers to minutes.

Fiserv reduced the friction in their merchant onboarding process with higher quality PDF creation and better understood the burden cost of labor.

Who is Fiserv?

Fiserv is a global financial services provider. The company provides merchant services to businesses, meaning the business cycle processing when using digital payment terminals with a card or phone. This also includes business intelligence for transaction history and customer trends.

How Fiserv grows its base of merchants

Fiserv maintains an internal customer relationship management solution. When bringing new merchants into the customer lifecycle, there are various types of agreements documents that establish the new business relationship. These documents are legally binding, so ensuring their accuracy is mission critical.

To get new merchants onboarded more efficiently, teams requested to drive improvements in the PDF production and processing. Previously, the solution was a single PDF generated with very little customization and required manual checks for content. Fiserv worked toward dynamically generated PDFs to help onboard new business from anywhere. With the legal team needing to make specific text changes as policies update, content needed more thorough testing.

The business needs beyond the surface

From a business perspective, the merchant onboarding process needs to be complete for either to be getting revenue. Until all agreement documents are signed, the merchants can’t run any transactions. Given the scope of updates that can need to take place to the agreement documents, testing the agreement documents would have some challenges.

To manually check each PDF, testers would need multiple monitors and to make a huge time commitment looking at the multiple documents per merchant. Some of the agreement documents are over 45 pages in length.

With each type of agreement document being different, a test plan would need to be created for each document. There would need to be metrics to be able to track changes and test results. Time to market is critical for this merchant onboarding process, so Fiserv built a solution to improve their document quality and speed of testing.

How Fiserv uses Applitools for PDF testing

The process starts with a microservice that enables a user to download the appropriate PDF agreement documents with the correct configuration. Once the PDFs are downloaded, the Applitools Image Tester is called for each PDF to take snapshots. Applitools Eyes compares snapshots to the previous baseline. Comparison results are uploaded to the Applitools Eyes Test Manager, where changes are highlighted.

Fiserv’s ROI from improved PDF testing

As the business grows, the scope of pdf validations. With the automated testing pipeline, Fiserv’s ROI calculations have been easier, as the burden cost of labor was made more apparent by the automation. Fiserv is seeing ROI in the following areas:

  • New skills for testers: Exposing testers to a cutting-edge visual validation automated testing solution gives testers more experience in test automation. This automation provides testers the opportunity to spend less time on manual testing and more time on up-skilling or working on other projects.
  • Increased test coverage: Better results can be achieved on a much larger scale with automated visual validation over manual testing. PDFs that are over 45 pages can be tested in minutes instead of hours of manual checking from individual testers – and the results are more accurate.
  • Lower integration overhead: Using Applitools Eyes’ SDKs for existing tools in the testing pipeline kept integration overhead to a minimum. Instead of needing to learn new languages or testing frameworks, full screens can be captured with as few as three lines of code added to your existing test code.

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