Speaker lineup for Applitools State of Testing 2019 webinar

How to upgrade your Frontend Testing in 2019

No frontend project can survive without an effective testing strategy. Why?

Because frontend projects can be as complex as backend projects — but users still expect a flawless experience. And if those users complain to your management… it’s just bad.

So, more and more frontend developers are realizing that they need to bake automated testing into their development process.

But questions remain:

  • What testing should you do beyond unit testing?
  • How can you find the time to both code and build/run/maintain automated tests?
  • How do you maintain tests when requirements and features are constantly changing — and you’re pushing new code into production daily?
  • How do you convince your boss that testing isn’t a waste of time?

We want to help you out of this.

Please join us at State of Frontend Testing, a free online event where frontend testing experts share how to quickly build high-quality web and mobile apps in 2019. We’ll cover the testing strategies, tools and frameworks you should be using in 2019.

Who’s presenting?

Not a bad group, right?

State of Frontend Testing will stream live on Tuesday, December 18th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST / 6 pm UK. This is a free, online event open to all developers.

Register here to see the event details and join the livestream.

We hope to see you on the 18th!

What will you do upgrade your frontend testing in 2019?

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Al Sargent started coding at age 10, wrote his first computer game at 12, and by 13, got sent to the principal’s office for skipping class to code. Decades later, he’s now Vice President of Product Marketing at Applitools. He loves the process of crafting stories about technology: understanding customers and users, what they care about, and how they use software in their jobs and lives. Prior to Applitools, Al helped create the world’s first software-testing cloud, Sauce Labs; drive the fastest-growing business unit at VMware; advance market-changing open source technologies such as Spring and Cloud Foundry; and build a new software category — Software Analytics — at New Relic.

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