20 Highly Qualified Test Automation Superstars

News — Published July 24, 2019

When we think of the word superstar, it is usually associated with fame. But in the tech industry, the real superstars are the ones who are able to do the work.

At Test Automation University – affectionately known as TAU, we offer a variety of free test automation courses covering web, API, mobile, visual, AI, and codeless automation frameworks. Our world-class expert instructors provide free test automation training in multiple programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, and Swift.

Of the more than 20,000 students of Test Automation University, here are the Top 20 Superstars, determined by the amount of credits earned on the platform.

These superstars hail from all over the world and their roles range from testers, junior to senior automation engineers, developers, team leads, and test managers. There’s one thing that they all have in common, however; they have mastered the craft of test automation and are now well-versed in a variety of frameworks, libraries, and programming languages! 


1. Arjan Blok

Arjan is a Test Engineer from the Netherlands. He has reached the Kraken rank on TAU – the highest rank available – and has completed every single course! Arjan was already skilled in web automation but has now expanded his skillset to include other forms of test automation as well. Arjan not only takes the courses himself, but also encourages his colleagues to take advantage of these free courses. Arjan’s favorite thing about the TAU courses are that they are video-based, which helps him learn by seeing it done.


2. Saurav Dhamapurkar

Saurav is a Senior SDET from India specializing in Java but realizes that even seasoned engineers can afford to enhance their skills. Saurav has done just that by completing TAU courses for other languages and frameworks.


3. Cirdei Liviu

Cirdei is a QA Automation Engineer from Romania with 4 years of experience in test automation. Cirdei is quickly increasing his skillset by taking every course that TAU has to offer! Cirdei is currently finishing up our Python-BDD course.


4. Ioannis Papantoniou

Ioannis is the Head of QA at Omilia in Greece. Ioannis is an Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer and has used TAU to learn how to use test automation frameworks in various other languages. As Head of QA, having knowledge of a wide variety of tools helps Ioannis choose the best ones for any given problem. Ioannis has successfully completed all available courses on TAU!


5. Lukas Lengyel

Lukas is a Software Test Automation Engineer from Germany who transitioned from a manual tester to an automation engineer. Lukas uses TAU to learn as much as he can about test automation.


6. Mark Kruszynski

Mark is a Test Automation Practice Lead from the United States who has completed 21 courses on TAU, earning the Dragon rank. Mark’s curriculum consists of web, API, mobile, visual, performance, and codeless automation done in Java, JavaScript, C#, Python, Ruby, and Swift!


7. Ivo Dimitrov

Ivo is a QA Automation Engineer from Bulgaria. Ivo, who specializes in Java, has taken every available course on TAU – vastly expanding his skill set to advance his career.

8. Ashish Jain

Ashish is a QA Manager from India who enjoys learning about different automation tools, languages, and best practices. Ashish says that TAU keeps him “on the edge of what’s relevant in test automation, and serves as a great platform to learn about automation and best practices from industry experts”. Ashish has taken every TAU course available and loves that this ocean of knowledge is free.


9. Wilder Gonzales Román

Wilder is a Test Automation Engineer from Spain who has good experience in Selenium WebDriver and has expanded his knowledge in other tools via TAU. Wilder has completed 21 courses!


10. Tania Pilichou

Tania is a Senior Test Engineer and Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer from Greece and uses TAU to learn about advanced topics like AI in test automation, docker, and visual testing.


11. Paul Farrell

Paul is a Senior Test Analyst from the United Kingdom specializing in test automation using JavaScript. Paul has completed 21 courses to diversify his skillset and is working on completing our Java Programming course now.


12. Mike Clark

Mike is a QA Engineering Manager from the United States. As a tester and manager, Mike seeks out ways in which automation can make his team’s day to day testing tasks more efficient. Mike appreciates TAU’s broad curriculum which spans many languages and technologies – something you just won’t get in traditional schooling.


13. Tim Devereux

Tim is an Automation Engineer from the United States who has achieved the Dragon rank on TAU by completing courses in JavaScript, C#, and Ruby! Tim’s courses range from UI, API, and even codeless.


14. Dushanka Morris

Dushanka is a Junior Quality Analyst from the United States who transitioned into QA from HR less than 2 years ago. She has taken every course available on TAU to learn as much as she can about test automation.


15. Surendra Reddy

Surendra is a Senior Automation Manager from India who utilizes TAU to learn about various tools and techniques, as well as improve quality and bring change personally to his workplace. He finds the courses are a great help for manual testers who are interested in learning about test automation.


16. William de Witt

William is a Test Lead from South Africa who is enjoying many of the courses on TAU. What William loves most about TAU is that “it brings the biggest personalities in our field together in one open and easily accessible corner of the internet”.  William doesn’t have to worry about budget issues for his team, as all courses are free – making it accessible to everyone in the QA community who may be interested in test automation. William foresees TAU playing a huge part in raising the standard of test automation globally.


17. Raja Bellebon

Raja is a Software Engineer from Australia who considers the TAU courses “the best and most complete courses ever”. He appreciates how the cutting-edge courses provide relevant skills which can be easily applied to his workplace. He has completed a variety of courses in Java, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, and Swift focused on unit, web, mobile, API, and visual validation.


18. Bertold Kolics

Bertold is a Software Quality Manager from the United States. Even though Bertold is in a leadership position, he considers himself an engineer at heart who enjoys solving both technical non-technical problems. Bertold has completed an impressive 16 courses on TAU ranging from strategy to hands-on implementation.


19. Rashad Ismayilov

Rashad has built an impressive skill set with the courses taken on TAU. He has studied unit, web, mobile, visual, performance and codeless test automation in Java, C#, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby.


20. Holly M. Paddock

Holly is a Lead QA Engineer from the United States who transitioned from front-end development into testing. She really likes that TAU allows you to move along at your own pace and replay the video chapters as many times as needed. Holly finds that the quizzes help keep you focused on the materials, and the fun of points, certificates, and ranks keep you motivated!



Congratulations to each of you! I am extremely proud of what you’ve accomplished! To see the complete leaderboard of the Top 100 TAU users, visit Test Automation University.


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